Expert Review & Consultation

In all of our cases, we start with a review of the records and other discoveries, and then we set up a time to speak to the client.

In all of our medical forensics cases, we start with an expert medical records review and any other necessary discovery. Then we set up a time to speak to the client. During that call, the expert will provide opinions and answer questions. From the call, the client and the expert work together to determine the best plan of action: Written report, trial questions, trial support, expert location services, or testimony. Sometimes the case will require all four services to be completed by us. But everything begins with this expert medical records review and consultation.

Our experts are all from highly reputed hospitals and have a strong clinical background to support their forensic expertise. All of our nurses have emergency or trauma background. When they work for Godoy Medical Forensics, they learn how to apply that clinical background to criminal cases. For our civil cases, they are adept at summarizing medical conditions and explaining clinical procedures as well; but knowing what to look for in a criminal case is something that has to be learned through experience and mentoring.