Civil Law

Working With Civil Attorneys For Over Ten Years.

Godoy Medical Forensics has been working with civil attorneys since 2009 with a focus on quality reports and cost-effective case reviews. We currently have civil attorney-clients nationwide from New York to California.

We offer a review of medical records for both plaintiff and defense attorneys. Our specialty areas are medical malpractice, personal injury, worker’s compensation, and elder abuse. In addition, we have nurses that have extensive experience with class action drug cases. In the realm of Family Law, we have testified in restraining order hearings and other proceedings where there are allegations of child or spousal abuse. The function of our basic reports, called Merit Screens, is to determine case merit by identifying either breach in the standard of care or causation. Merit screens are a cost-effective pre-read of medical records. Click here to learn more about our merit screen reports.

Godoy Medical Forensics Has Experience In The Following Areas: