Join a Team of Professional Experts

When you work at Godoy Medical Forensics you become part of a team that are ready to support and ensure your success. If you are a nurse, doctor, or other forensic specialist, we are ready to help you journey down the path of becoming an expert witness. If you join the office staff, you will be part of a team that supports our experts.  Our culture is that of camaraderie, collaboration, and professional development. No matter what your role is, we are excited to welcome you on board!

Why work for Godoy Medical Forensics?

On the job training

Experts – We have a training program that helps you prepare for your cases and a mentoring program that ensures you have someone to talk from day one.

Office staff – Our training program sets you up for success and you’ll be able to rely on the other office members to help you prepare.

Exciting and Interesting Cases

Our focus is criminal law, so our cases range from DUI to assault to homicide. Every case is different, and you will be challenged every day.


  • 1 in Northern California
  • 1 in Nevada
  • 1 in Arizona
  • 1 in Oregon
  • 1 in Midwest States (MN/IA/WI preferred)
  • 1 in Southern States (GA/AL/TN preferred)
  • 1 SANE position – can be anywhere in the nation.


Part time Employee 5-20 hours a week.

About the Company

Godoy Medical Forensics was founded in 2009 with one nurse and is now a consulting company that contracts with 4 physicians and a forensic toxicologist. Godoy Medical Forensics Medical has thrived over the years and continues to grow. Currently, we employ 8 nurses, 3 project managers and 2 administrative staff members. Our offices are located in the East San Francisco Bay Area. We accept criminal defense and prosecution cases as well as civil cases for both the plaintiff and the defense. The majority of our cases are in criminal law.

Job Overview:

The Forensic Nurse Expert (FNE) provides expert opinions and professional reports to attorneys in criminal and civil matters. The FNE is expected to represent the company in a manner that is professional and reputable.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Case review – The nurse will be required to review pertinent discovery in criminal and civil matters, provide verbal consultation with attorneys and offer opinions including those that relate to medical conditions, traumatic injuries, medication effects.
  • Written reports – The nurse must be capable of writing professional reports, citing credible resources and producing a product that is free of grammatical mistakes.
  • Testimony – The nurse must be willing to provide testimony. Most of the testimony will be located within 100 miles of her home/office but nurses must be willing to occasionally travel outside that area, including out of state, with full compensation for travel and travel time.
  • Sales/Marketing – The nurse may be asked to deliver presentations and exhibit at conferences for lead generation and company growth and development.
  • Continuing Education – Continuing Education is expected of all our FNE’s based on their area(s) of specialty. Many of our nurses have chosen to obtain a Certification in Forensic Nursing.
  • Other – Other tasks may include preparation of chronologies, locating and screening experts.

Required Skills

  • Spoken: Native-tongue level fluency in English, with clear articulation and professional delivery.
  • Written: Written reports must be high quality, fluent and free of grammatical errors or plagiarism.
  • Public Speaking skills: Must be comfortable with public speaking and able to deliver a presentation or testimony without outward signs of anxiety.



  • 5 years of clinical experience in the Emergency Department or Trauma ICU
  • Registered Nurse license that is current and free of any negative history
  • Bachelor’s degree in Nursing or related field
  • Clean criminal record


  • SANE certification
  • Forensic Nurse Certification
  • Testimony experience
  • Public speaking experience
  • Previous consulting experience (civil or criminal)

On the job training:

Training will be provided and is expected to be necessary. Training may include shadowing the current lead FNE and mentorship.