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Professional Medical Experts Serving Criminal & Civil Attorneys Since 2009

We are Godoy Medical Forensics, Inc.

When a case that needs a medical expert witness, most attorneys think to call a doctor. Sometimes a simple review of the medical records and a consultation will answer the questions you have. Our registered nurses have a strong clinical background that allows them to review almost any case, but they are specially trained in forensics and have expertise in areas such as child abuse, blunt force trauma, strangulation, gunshot wounds and even homicide. We also have doctors and a forensic toxicologist available when the case demands it. Whether you need a few questions answered or a expert to testify, Godoy Medical Forensics should be your first call.

The advantages of working with Godoy Medical Forensics

  1. We have 10+ years of experience in criminal law.

    It may seem like you can hire any medical expert witness, but having an expert that understands the nuances of criminal law makes a difference! We learned early on that what criminal attorneys need to know about the medical records is vastly different than what civil attorneys do! We specialize in medical forensics and apply our knowledge to every case.

  2. Hiring an RN as a Medical Expert Witness is less costly than an MD.

    For some cases, having a doctor ready to testify is crucial. In many other cases, however, it’s an expense that may not be necessary. Our nurses are knowledgeable and professional, and ready to testify at lower rates than most doctors.

  3. Our nurses have a broad knowledge base.

    A nurse can explain everything you need to know in the medical records. All of our nurses have emergency, trauma, or critical care background. These specialty units are where the best nurses converge because of the challenges they face, including having to know about every system in our body. This knowledge allows them to do a holistic review of the medical records in the case.

  4. Our medical experts add unbiased, honest analysis to your case development process.

    We work with prosecutors and defense attorneys and strive to help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your case. We educate and provide opinions about the facts of the case and our opinions are backed by peer reviewed literature and our extensive clinical experience. We want to make sure you are prepared for whatever comes your way when you walk into court.

  5. Our reports are made for attorneys.

    Our reports are designed for attorneys to be able to understand both the medical records and the medical expert’s report, while at the same time providing a professional opinion. We include references to the records and attach the relevant pages to the report for quick access and reference. For more information about our reports, click here.

  6. Nurses have jury appeal!

    Doctors often come across as arrogant or use terms and concepts that the jury doesn’t understand. In the nursing curriculum, there is a strong emphasis on patient education. This transfers easily to testimony on complicated medical concepts. Nurses have the ability to educate the jury at a level they can understand and are more humble than their doctor counterparts.

Still think you need a doctor for medical expert testimony? We have those too.

We have physicians with specialty areas of Emergency Medicine and Trauma, Orthopedic Surgery, Radiology and Forensic Psychiatry available to join your team as medical expert witnesses as soon as they are needed. If the case needs a different specialty area than our experts do, we have a deep network of qualified medical experts, whom we have learned to rely on over the years. The best part is if your case requires an expert that isn’t in our areas of expertise, we happily refer you to experts in our database at no cost!