We are Godoy Medical Forensics, Inc.

Not all cases need a doctor to testify. Sometimes a simple medical records review report or consultation will answer the questions you have.  That’s what we do at Godoy Medical Forensics: Whether you need a simple explanation of medical terminology, a comprehensive fact chronology, or any other area of medical forensics, we are ready to help you develop your case from filing to resolution.

The advantages of working with Godoy Medical Forensics

  1. Hiring an RN as an Expert Medical Witness is less costly than an MD

    For some cases, having an expert medical witness ready to testify is crucial. In many other cases, however, it’s an expensive luxury that often isn’t necessary. We have nurses who also testify, but often that’s unnecessary.

  2. Our medical experts add unbiased, honest analysis to your case development process

    A nurse can explain everything you need to know in the medical records review without expecting to make a mint when his or her day comes in court. When you work with Godoy Medical Forensics, you can be assured that we have the best interests of the case in mind and not the best interests of our bottom line.

  3. Sometimes, a medical expert’s report is harder to understand than the records were

    Our reports are designed for attorneys to be able to understand both the medical records and the report.

  4. Still think you need a doctor for medical expert testimony? Fine, we have those too

    We have physicians with specialty areas of Emergency Medicine and Trauma, Orthopedic Surgery, Radiology and Psychiatry available to join your team as expert witnesses as soon as they are needed. If the case needs a different specialty area, we have a deep network of qualified medical experts, whom we have learned to rely on over the years. Because we are licensed medical professionals, we’re often much better at picking the right expert MD if a case requires one.