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Expert Witnesses: Emergency Medicine, Orthopedics, Forensic Psychiatry, & Radiology

Our unique background in working with both criminal and civil attorneys gives us a perspective that you will not find anywhere else. We are able to synthesize and analyze medical records on any kind of case.

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Criminal and Civil Testifying Experts:

We have criminal and civil experts in the San Francisco Bay Area, near Baltimore and in Southwest Florida.

Trauma and Emergency Room M.D. Expert Witness – N. CA

– Our emergency medicine expert witness has consulted and testified on cases involving stroke, cardiac disease, blunt and penetrating trauma, prehospital care, emergency, radiology, fractures, head injuries, sexual assault, and pediatrics.  He is also able to opine regarding the standards of care in the emergency department including failure to diagnose and treat heart attacks, fractures and appendicitis. He has testified in both civil and criminal cases for the prosecution, plaintiff and defense.

Trauma, Critical Care (ICU) and Emergency Nurse Expert Witness – N. CA, S. FL, MD

– We have five (soon to be six!) Registered Nurses who testify. Our nurse expert witnesses have consulted and testified on cases involving blunt trauma, domestic violence, pre-hospital care, diabetes, medically acceptable blood draws, medical DUI issues, and nursing standards of care. They are also able to give opinions in the areas of child abuse and strangulation. They have testified for the prosecution and the defense in criminal cases, and for plaintiff and defense civil cases.

Orthopedic Surgeon Expert Witness – N. CA

– Our orthopedic expert witness has consulted and testified on cases involving all areas of orthopedics; including back injuries, workman’s compensation injuries, and standards of care relating to treatment and surgical intervention of orthopedic injuries and conditions. He is also a mechanical engineer and has experience consulting and testifying in this area.

Forensic Psychiatry Expert Witness – N. NV

– Our forensic psychiatry expert witness can consult and testify in the areas of correctional psychiatry; psychiatric diagnoses such as Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorders, Personality Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Suicide and addiction and the effects of drugs on thinking and behavior. In addition, she is able to consult and testify on the following areas of criminal law: Criminal competencies, risk assessment (re-offending, violence, sexual offense), legal insanity, and assist with mitigation reports and testimony. In the areas of civil law, she can consult and testify on employment issues such as harassment, trauma, disability and fitness for duty as well as malpractice and civil competencies such as wills and guardianships.

Radiology Expert Witness – N. CA

– Our board-certified forensic radiology expert witness has extensive experience in diagnostic ER and trauma imaging including assault, vehicle collisions, and gunshot and stab wounds, evaluating face, brain, extremity, and soft tissue/organ injuries. He has worked at multiple Level 1 trauma centers including the largest and busiest hospitals in the United States and is especially well versed in joint and spine fractures given his additional training in orthopedic surgery. He employs radiology forensic analysis to clearly explain the mechanisms and timing of injury. Additionally, he is MQSA certified and has evaluated civil cases of missed or delayed cancer diagnosis in the breast, lung, and liver among others. Modalities covered include CT, MRI, xray, ultrasound, mammography, and nuclear medicine.