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About Us

From the beginning….

Godoy Medical Forensics Inc, started in 2009 when Tara Godoy found herself in a position in which she needed a new job, and like many in that position, she decided to start a business. She started as a single nurse offering consulting services to civil med mal and PI attorneys. When a criminal case literally dropped in her lap (you can read that story here), Tara fell in love with criminal casework and started marketing to criminal attorneys. From then until now, Tara has grown the business to what it is today through presentations, exhibitors booths, social media and, most importantly, great work product leading to referrals…


By 2013, Godoy Medical Forensics, Inc. was no longer limited to legal nurse consulting services. We were offering a wide range of medico-legal consulting services to both criminal and civil attorneys. We had Registered Nurses and Physicians to review, analyze, consult and testify on cases. We had 5 years of experience that allowed us to offer superior support to our clients. Our pride in our work comes through in the quality of our work product and the professionalism of our nurses and doctors. When you work with us, your life gets easier and your case is more efficiently and comprehensively developed.

And Now…

As of 2019 we have a decade of experience and we work with both the prosecution and the defense on all cases involving medicine or trauma.  For our civil clients, we provide expert testimony for both plaintiff and defense. Most importantly, we have 4 Physician contractors and 6 Registered Nurse employees that offer professional and unbiased expert opinions. In our office we have a full time Director of Operations and two office assistants. Our experts travel nationwide, but they are based out of CA, FL, and MD. We have worked with public defenders, prosecutors and private attorneys from Hawaii to Florida, Montana to Texas. Through all this, we build personal relationships with our clients and strive to go beyond their expectations in professionalism and credibility. We can’t wait to keep growing and making a difference!