Medical Malpractice Experts

We work with both plaintiff and defense attorneys in medical malpractice cases involving all areas of medical specialty and discipline. We can review cases for merit to determine if doctors, nurses, therapists or support staff made medical errors that breached the standard of care. We are not limited to any area of medicine; and have successfully determined merit in surgical, pediatric, emergency department, psychiatric, neurological and obstetrical cases, among others.

When the case is within the clinical specialty area of our experts, we will be part of your team all the way through trial, including assisting with cross-examination of opposing counsel’s experts and testimony by our own expert. If the specialty area falls outside our expertise, we are happy to assist the attorney from the initial review to determine merit all the way through case development and preparing medical malpractice expert witnesses for trial. In addition, we provide support services by organizing the records for medical expert review, preparing fact chronologies, or simply summarizing the records for attorney reference. We can assist with locating and vetting expert witnesses of any specialization.

We have medical malpractice experts available for testimony in the areas of emergency medicine and trauma, neurosurgery, critical care nursing, flight nursing, obstetrics, pediatrics , and orthopedics. Contact us to get more information on our medical experts and services.