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Medical Record Organization

Cases involving hundred’s or thousands of pages of medical records can be daunting for any attorney, whether criminal or civil. Having the records organized and a fact chronology prepared can be a strategic benefit that puts you in front of your opposition. Our staff is experienced in preparing and organizing the medical records in a fashion that makes review by experts fast and efficient. Take it one step farther and have a fact chronology prepared and your trial book is ready for litigation! These services can benefit any case with medical records exceeding 300 pages, and the benefit is exponential with the higher volumes of records. We’ve organized and prepared records for cases with 10,000+ records and the end result is a report that numbers in the 100’s of pages.

Medical Record Organization

The process of Medical Record Organization includes digitizing and sorting the records first into facilities and then into classifications. Once there, we place them into chronological order under each classification. For example, we take all the lab results from one facility and sort and bookmark them so the reviewer can find them either by type of lab (i.e. CBC) or the date of the result. We are able to accommodate bate stamping provided by the attorney-client. We use Lexis-Nexus Casemap software to provide a adobe pdf document that allows the attorney or expert to quickly open just the document that holds the records they are searching for.

Medical Record Organization Sample

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