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Forensic Expert Witness Testimony

Our experts are often asked to testify, and all of them are happy to do so! We have a reputation of providing unbiased opinions and present well on the stand. One benefit of having a nurse on your case is that our nursing program includes training in patient education, including assessing learning ability and how to educate at a high school level or lower: According to the US Census Bureau, 88% of the population completed high school. We are taught how to explain medical conditions in laymen’s terms which results in better jury appeal and understanding of the facts of the case as stated by the medical expert witness testimony.

One complaint we often hear about medical forensic expert witness testimony is that the expert can come across as arrogant when testifying. All of the experts at Godoy Medical Forensics, Inc. are professional, respectful and provide their opinions in a manner that doesn’t come across as pompous. We hand-pick our experts and attitude is a consideration before hiring.

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