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Trial Support

If you need trail support, our nurses are prepared to assist you during any stage of the case development, up to and including trial. Our nurses can attend the trial, either in person or virtually, to provide immediate access to a medical professional who has an intimate knowledge of the case. In the midst of testimony, our nurses can provide real time trial support with questions and assist the attorney in re-routing a line of questioning that is not going in the desired direction.

In one case, our nurse attended virtually on a child dependency case to listen in to the opposing counsel’s expert. Once the direct examination was over, the attorney requested a break to consult with the nurse prior to starting cross-examination. Over the phone,  the nurse was able to advise him on questions for cross-examination. She also emailed him questions that she had prepared during the expert’s testimony as further trial support.

In another case, the nurse attended in person on an abusive head trauma case. She sat next to the defense attorney and provided notes and comments on her laptop, with her screen shared.

Having a nurse listen in on medical expert testimony is a huge benefit and can be cost-effective! The nurse can either come to court to observe excerpt testimony in person, or they can listen in through zoom or other telephonic means. Regardless, they send comments and recommended questions for direct or cross examination questions electronically to your laptop or phone, in realtime!

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