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Great news!

We have received 4 hours of MCLE approval for the Medical Record Review Workshop.

Scheduled Workshops (more coming soon):

East Bay Area – Feb 7th, 2015

Orange County – May 9th, 2015

More information on all upcoming workshops is on this page. Tickets will go on sale soon. Stay tuned! Nothing in your area? If you find 10 people willing to attend, I will come to you!


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Course Description

NOTE: MCLE Credit approved for 4 hours

This course involves a 1 hour presentation on Medical Record Review and 4 case studies that are reviewed at your own pace. The purpose is to educate criminal attorneys and investigators in medical record review so they may be able to answer their own questions and make better decisions relating to what experts may be needed; and when in the case development timeline to bring on an expert. This course is unique because actual cases and actual medical records are used to teach the audience. (MCLE: 4 hours)

First attendees will be required to attend a live class (online or in person) on medical record review. The class is offered online through wiziq and is free so you may attend the class prior to enrolling in the workshop. Please contact Tara Godoy for upcoming online and in person class opportunities.

Details regarding the medical record review live class: The records included in the one hour presentation follow an attempted murder case and highlight not only what is in the records but also what might be missing. The purpose of the presentation is to assist attorneys in focusing their review of medical records by locating summaries within the documents, avoiding “filler,” and identifying red flags. Participants will learn how to find the information that will assist them in determining when an expert is needed.

Once the attendee has completed the online class they may continue on to the case studies. Each case study includes actual medical records and other discovery including photos and police reports. Case study topics are Strangulation, Child Abuse, DUI and Assault. A review of the medical records using a study guide is performed and then participants answer a quiz to evaluate learning.