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I’m so excited to announce that my Medical Record Workshop is now available online!!!

It is a go at your own pace intensive workshop that includes 4 case studies and is eligible for 4 hours of MCLE. It kicks off with my one hour webinar on medical record review and then goes into 4 case studies using actual discovery from cases involving strangulation, child abuse, DUI/head trauma, and assault/GBI.

We are working hard to get all our educational offerings online.

Soon our Blunt Force Trauma and Strangulation Presentations will be available as recorded webinars. Until then you’ll have to watch for me at one of the many conferences I speak at every year.

We also have DUI tools available for purchase on our square marketplace and free downloads of medical records to SDT in general and child abuse cases. You can find those here.

December is my month to update new and past clients on our company offerings, growth and stuff planned for the coming year.  The blog topics for this month are:

  • Godoy Medical Forensics Educates! (12/4/15)
  • Godoy Medical Forensics is Social! (12/11/15)
  • Godoy Medical Forensics Knows Their Stuff (12/18/15)
  • Godoy Medical Forensics  gets around (12/25/15)

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