It is critical for patients to take part in their own care in order to prevent CLABSI. This week we will look at what a patient can do to prevent infection. Treatment is reviewed next week.

Patients should be knowledgeable about their own care and proactive in both their education and treatment. They should:

  • Research the central line infection rates at local facilities
  • Speak up about any infection control concerns
  • Ask questions about the necessity of a central line, how long it will be in place, and any possible alternatives
  • Pay attention to the dressing and the skin around the area. Voice any concerns to the healthcare team
  • Do not get the dressing wet
  • Report a fever or chills
  • Avoid touching the catheter or tubing
  • Do not let anyone other than the healthcare providers touch the catheter or tubing
  • Everyone – the patient, visitors, and healthcare providers – must wash their hands before and after they visit

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