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Experienced radiologists have reviewed an enormous number of images which generates a vast internal database; radiologists have the best chance to assess the timing of pathology such as fractures, strokes, and bleeds by comparing the images to this huge internalized database of experience. Timing of pathology is rarely easy, but radiologists have the best chance to predict if an event occurred in the last day, week, or month; in fact in many cases an active bleed can be seen on CT!

This month we are discussing radiology tips and pitfalls.  The blog topics for this month are:

  • Radiology: Don’t Believe Everything You Read (1/1/16)
  • Radiology: To Err is Human  (1/8/16)
  • Radiology: Quality Counts (1/15/16)
  • Radiology: Timing is Everything (1/22/16)
  • Radiology: Do the Right Thing (1/29/16)

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