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Radiologists should follow guidelines developed by the American College of Radiology regarding such things as ambient light levels, monitor resolution and luminance, and certain components of the reports themselves such as differential diagnosis and suggestions for further imaging. Furthermore, mammography is federally regulated by FDA under the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA). If there have been deviations from these standard guidelines, a radiologist can tell you.

This month we are discussing radiology tips and pitfalls.  The blog topics for this month are:

  • Radiology: Don’t Believe Everything You Read (1/1/16)
  • Radiology: To Err is Human  (1/8/16)
  • Radiology: Quality Counts (1/15/16)
  • Radiology: Timing is Everything (1/22/16)
  • Radiology: Do the Right Thing (1/29/16)

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