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Referred to as ecstasy, the love drug, lover’s speed, X, and Molly (short for molecule), this drug can be used in powder form for snorting or smoking; or most commonly through oral ingestion as a capsule, pill or through parachuting. Parachuting involves wrapping the substance in a pouch; swallowing the pouch; and allowing for slow release into the body. Molly capsules can be brightly colored and are often engraved with symbols or pictures. The effects of Molly, if orally ingested, begin about 30-60 minutes after ingestion; peak around 90 minutes and may last approximately 3 to 8 hours depending upon the user’s metabolism, the purity of the drug and how much of the drug they’ve taken.

The user may experience a myriad of effects. After ingestion, the initial symptoms may include an elevated heart rate and/or blood pressure, blurred vision, anxiety and/or excessive sweating. This is followed by increased energy and stamina, appetite suppression; and distortions of time and senses including altered visual images and increased senses of love, peace, trust and serenity. A user may find that he/she has developed a tolerance and may need to take more of the drug or use it more frequently in order to achieve and maintain the high that they desire. This addiction is just one of the many dangers of MDMA.

For our criminal newsletter and blog this month we are discussing the recreational drug Molly. The blog topics for this month are:

  • MDMA, or Molly, overview (4/3/15)
  • MDMA use and effects  (4/10/15)
  • Molly’s danger (4/17/15)
  • Legal (4/24/15)

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