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This month’s civil topic is Firefighting workman’s comp.

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Firefighters run into burning buildings. Many people think this is the reason that their jobs are considered hazardous. But that’s not actually the only hazard they face, and on-the-job accidents are not the number one cause of death. What people don’t realize is that firefighters don’t just put out the fire and walk away. They are also responsible for the “overhaul” or cleanup that comes after the fire has been extinguished; which exposes them to a slew of known and unknown carcinogens. They are also subjected to physical, emotional and mental stress for their entire shift, whether or not they are actively fighting a fire or running a “call.” The toll this takes on their body has been shown to increase their risk for cardiovascular disease. There is also the more consistent issue of the musculoskeletal injuries that result from the training, daily workload, and safety gear they are required to wear to protect themselves from these fires.

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