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Working with civil attorneys for five years.

Godoy Medical Forensics has been working with civil attorneys since 2009 with a focus on quality reports and cost-effective case reviews. We currently have civil attorney-clients in California, Florida, Washington, Alabama, New York, Utah, Nebraska and Mississippi.

We offer review of medical records for both plaintiff and defense attorneys. Our areas of specialty are medical malpractice, personal injury and elder abuse; but we also accept products liability cases. The function of our basic reports, called Merit Screens, is to determine case merit by identifying either breaches in the standard of care or causation. Merit screens are a cost-effective pre-read of the medical records.

Godoy Medical Forensics has experience in the following areas:


Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse cases most often involve pressure ulcers, falls or inappropriate restraints leading to injury. Familiarity with the multi-factoral issues that cause pressure ulcers and the standards of care related to prevention and treatment is key to determining if a breach occurred. We are also able to differentiate between unavoidable falls and those relating to the implementation of an inadequate plan of care. We have knowledge regarding the regulations surrounding chemical and physical restraints: This information is critical to determining if the restraints were used appropriately, and whether injury could have been avoided. 


Products Liability

We have the ability to support the attorney in any products liability case, whether it involves a pharmaceutical or a device. Expert review of medical records in these cases can be time consuming and we are able to synthesize and prepare the records to reduce overall costs.