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The following example is a true case scenario where administrators and staff in a Nursing Home inappropriately used chemical restraints, resulting in harm.

In California, The Kern Valley Nursing Home used chemical restraint to control resident behavior from 2006-2007. Three residents died and eight were seriously injured. The director of nursing, pharmacist, hospital administrator and staff physician were all charged and held criminally responsible. Civil lawsuits were also filed by the patient’s families. The director of nursing administered psychotropic medication to residents who argued with her, made noise or were disruptive. The physician signed off on the medication after it was given. The pharmacist provided the medications without proper authorization from the physician. The administrator was aware of the situation but did nothing to stop it. The director of nursing was sentenced to three years in state prison. The other defendants were given probation.

This month’s civil topic is Chemical Restraints. Topics covered are:

  • Documentation and Medications Used (11/3/14)
  • Verbal Abuse Scenario  (11/10/14)
  • Bipolar Case Scenario (11/17/14)
  • Nursing Home Case Scenario (11/24/14)

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