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Radiologists make mistakes just like everyone else; radiologists can misinterpret findings or miss them altogether, most commonly nasal bone fractures and soft tissue contusions seen on head CT for assault. Aside from inherent differences in opinion, the fact is radiologists can err, either perceptually (the finding was not seen) or conceptually (the finding was seen but interpreted incorrectly). The good news is images can be reviewed, reinterpreted, and correlated with the original report, so if there is any consideration of a possible error, have an expert radiologist take another look.

This month we are discussing radiology tips and pitfalls.  The blog topics for this month are:

  • Radiology: Don’t Believe Everything You Read (1/1/16)
  • Radiology: To Err is Human  (1/8/16)
  • Radiology: Quality Counts (1/15/16)
  • Radiology: Timing is Everything (1/22/16)
  • Radiology: Do the Right Thing (1/29/16)

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