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The police were called to a busy intersection of the city because a man was standing in traffic, shouting and stopping cars. He was a white male, in his early twenties with an unkempt appearance. When the police questioned him he stated that he was an undercover FBI agent. He said that his job was to direct traffic and find terrorists. The police ordered him to get out of the road and he refused. He became combative when the officers tried to escort him. He was tased by one of the officers and fell, hitting his head on the street. He was unconscious and transported to the emergency room where he was diagnosed with head trauma and admitted to the intensive care unit. Emergency room personnel recognized him and referred to him as a “frequent flyer” who had a diagnosis of schizophrenia and was admitted to the acute psychiatric unit on a regular basis. The case is likely to receive media attention and the community may state that the police officer acted inappropriately by using a Taser on an individual who was unarmed and mentally ill. A lawsuit may be filed against the police department by the family of the injured man, potentially leading to both criminal and civil proceedings.

This month’s civil & criminal topic is Schizophrenia. Topics covered are:

  • Case Scenario (8/4/14)
  • Symptoms and Diagnosis  (8/11/14)
  • Approach Considerations (8/18/14)
  • Medical Treatment Options (8/25/14)

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