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The consumption of many substances can cross the placental barrier and affect the fetus.  Not only is this true for everyday substances we consume throughout the day, but for legal and illegal drugs as well.  The consumption of illicit drugs during pregnancy is harmful to the mother and to the fetus.  Drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and heroin will cross the placental barrier, and may effect the growth and development of the unborn child.  Illicit drugs can cause miscarriage, low birth weights, premature labor, placental abruption from the uterus, and fetal demise.  

This month’s criminal topic is the Criminalization of Drug Use During Pregnancy. Topics covered are:

  • Still-Born Births (6/6/14)
  • Drug Effects on the Fetus (6/13/14)
  • Legal Implications – mother (6/20/14)
  • Legal implications – fetus (6/27/14)

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