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Every year in December I send out a company update to give everyone an idea of where we’ve come from; how much we’ve grown in the past year; and what exciting changes are coming in the year to come. It also gives me an opportunity to remind our clients of what services we are providing and how we might better assist you in your case development. Finally, and most importantly, it gives me the opportunity to thank the clients who have supported us consistently for what is now almost 6 years of business.

In December of 2013 I changed the company name to Godoy Medical Forensics. The purpose was to recognize the doctors that are working with me and to clearly state our services through our name: “Medical Forensics” indicates that we are experts in all areas of medicine and we bring our knowledge to all areas of law. It seemed to be the perfect fit; and judging by the continued support and growth of our company, I think it was a successful rebranding. In the past year, we have seen a steady flow of cases that matches what we have seen in the past. To Date in 2014 we have opened 137 cases; meaning we have opened 575 cases since we started in 2009 – and the year’s not done yet! We will hit 600 in early 2015 for sure. 

In terms of geographical growth for 2014, we added Indiana and Texas to our list of states; making it a total of 21 states in which we have provided services. Only 29 more to go!

We are excited to see new growth and changes in 2015. We hope you all have a prosperous year along with us!

This month we are updating our clients and colleagues on company growth. Topics covered are:

  • Where We Are (12/5/14)
  • Who We Are  (12/12/14)
  • Who Helped Us (12/19/14)
  • What’s coming in 2015 (12/30/14)

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  • Tara, since I began my career as an LNC just 2 years ago, your firm has been one I’ve enjoyed watching. As a forensic nurse myself, I congratulate you on your continued success, and wish you even more in the coming year!

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