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This month I will attempt to paint a picture of an average ER visit from 911 to discharge.

To make this more fun, I am going to invent a case scenario. This is completely made up, but is very realistic as I have years of experience in the ER:

A 49 year old female, Mrs. Smith, is working in her garden at home. She starts off feeling completely fine, but as the day gets hotter she starts to feel fatigued. Just before lunch, she also starts to feel like she can’t breathe. Just a little – not like she’s been running a mile but just like she got the wind knocked out of her for a moment. She decides to go inside and get a glass of water, eat some lunch, and rest a little.

Mr. Smith, who was inside watching a football game on the TV, hears her come in and asks if she’s going to make lunch. She responds and tells him she’ll make him a turkey sandwich. Shortly after, he hears her hit the ground and runs into the kitchen to investigate. He kneels over her and she immediately opens her eyes and looks at him. She asks what happened and he says she passed out and that he’s going to call an ambulance. She starts to argue that she’s just dehydrated and needs to eat.

So he sits her up in a chair and gets her some turkey and a glass of water. She looks pale to him and she’s slightly sweaty. After she takes a few bites she throws up. He decides something must be wrong and calls 911.

See next weeks post for the fire department and paramedic response.

This month’s civil topic is “911 to ER – Pathway of Care.”  Topics covered are:

  • Case Scenario (7/7/14)
  • Emergency Medical Services  (7/14/14)
  • Emergency Department (7/21/14)
  • Discharge (7/28/14)

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