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Do you have a capital case? Does the defendant have oodles of medical records? How are you digesting those right now?

As a prosecutor, are you ready for the defense arguments against competency?

As a defense attorney, are you able to articulate the medical issues that the defendant suffers from?

Many of our clients ask us to prepare medical fact chronologies to assist them in their case development and comprehension of the medical history of the defendant. Competency is one use, but what if the defendant’s medical history affects the efficacy of the lethal injection? A fact chronology can help you prepare for that argument.

Our nurses and staff utilize Lexis Nexus Casemap Software to develop medical chronologies and reports that assist you in your case development. These are intensive reports that include comments regarding the medical facts that are included and summaries of the medical issues. We predict arguments by the opposing counsel and point out the facts that support your case.  The nurse provides articles and research to bolster your arguments. We are also able to provide an “expert copy” of the medical records that excludes the nursing summaries and comments, so your testifying experts can review the records in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Ask us for a sample chronology today!

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