Tara Godoy | BSN, RN, CFN

Chief Forensic Nurse

Tara is a Certified Forensic Nurse and has been working with Criminal and Civil Attorneys since 2009. She got her BS in Nursing from the University of Southern California in 2001 and currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Tara has been asked to present for national organizations such as the NACDL and the NDIA at their Forensics conferences in Las Vegas. Tara’s main areas of expertise are Strangulation and Blunt Force Trauma but consulting and testimony is also offered on other cases where traumatic injuries occur or medical record analysis is needed.

Tara enjoys traveling with her family, including visiting national parks and camping. They own a ski boat and spend as many days on the water during the summer as they can. Being raised in the Napa Valley, you would expect her to love wine but her go-to cocktail is a bourbon on the rocks.