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Shareen Cronin, MSN, RN

Shareen Cronin, MSN, BSN, RN

Shareen has been a registered nurse for 24 years. She spent 12 years working clinically in the emergency and trauma setting, with 4 of those years in Medical/Surgical/Trauma ICU. Shareen transitioned into leadership, most recently serving as Director of Emergency and Trauma services at Highland Hospital in Oakland, CA from 2012-2019. Currently pursuing a certification in Forensic Nursing from the University of California in Riverside, Shareen has reviewed multiple cases involving DUI, domestic violence, assault, elder abuse, and complex medical conditions. Shareen has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Dominican University and a Master’s in Nursing Administration from Holy Names University.

Shareen is a native San Franciscan and enjoys hiking and exploring. She spends her free time reading, being outdoors, and enjoys live music and traveling.