Kaycee Bilke

Office Manager

Kaycee is our Office Manager at Godoy Medical Forensics! She handles everything from HR tasks to party planning and creating policies and procedures for the company. Kaycee is also usually the person you talk to on the phone when you call us. After hearing about Godoy Medical Forensics and what they do, she had to apply! Forensics has always been an interest of hers and finally had the opportunity to explore this field.

Kaycee is currently a student at CSU East Bay studying Human Development: Early Childhood Development and is graduating in May of 2022. She brings her knowledge of behavior and people skills to the table when talking on the phone, working with fellow co-workers and nurses, and when developing new procedures.

When she is not working or doing school work, you can find Kaycee with her fiancé and family. Her favorite things to do are painting, drawing, gardening, and planning her wedding in 2022.

Fun Fact: As you can tell by the last names, Kaycee and Kista are our dynamic sister duo!