Katherine Thornton | BSN, RN, EMT

Forensic Nurse

A graduate from the University of Iowa School of Nursing, Kat has been in practice since 1987 with a critical care focus in Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal nursing. Kat has extensive background in trauma, emergency medicine and pre-hospital medical care. Her clinical specialty in Emergency and Trauma care as an air medical flight nurse spans almost 20 years and also includes pre-hospital 911 metropolitan ground emergency response. Kat has instructed Nursing, Paramedic and EMT students and managed a full-service line of Maternity Nurse practitioners for a busy home health care agency. She sits on the Advisory Boards for several state and college level institutions and is active in chairing advanced and basic level conferences and medical seminars throughout the state of Iowa. Kat’s continuing education coursework includes a heavy emphasis on traumatic injury and forensic topics. She has held national certifications in Flight Nursing, Emergency Nursing and is taking classes in the Certificate in Forensic Nursing program from the University of California in Riverside.

Kat’s current position is EMS coordinator within one of the largest health systems in the country, where she ensures bi-directional flow of quality patient care outcomes across the spectrum from pre-hospital transport to inpatient hospitalization. Kat’s credibility as a Forensic Nurse Expert is strengthened by her clinical expertise across all age groups and medical subspecialties as well as her extensive work with medical charts and peer review.

Along with a love of travel, Kat is a MLB fan, gardener and lake time enthusiast.

Fun fact: Throughout her flight nurse career, Kat flew over 2000 air medical missions