DUI cases can have several different focuses for us. As a DUI/DWI expert, we may be reviewing the defendant’s records for past medical history, prescription medications and interactions, their own injuries to determine if they were driver or passenger, or physical ability to perform the Field Sobriety Tests. We may be looking at the victim’s injuries to assess great or significant bodily injury and to be sure the injuries they are claiming came from the accident. We also may be looking at the mechanism of injury to see if it matches what the witnesses say.

Medically Accepted Blood Draws and General DUI Case Analysis

We also have testified regarding Medically Accepted Blood Draws and reviewed documentation, video, or other discovery to determine if the blood drawn was done following an accepted medical practice. Contact us today to learn more about how Godoy Medical Forensics can assist with your drunk driving case analysis or provide DUI expert witness services if needed. For more information about what services we can offer on these cases, click here.