When an alleged victim of sexual assault undergoes an exam, a skilled provider will assess them using a specific technique. This is usually a nurse who has been trained to examine and collect physical evidence, called a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE). If you want to better understand the report generated, the anatomical terms, what is tested when the evidence collected goes to the crime lab for testing – join this webinar led by Juliane Rohr | RN, BSN. Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll learn in the presentation.

SANE Exams: Where Medical Meets Legal

  • Medical-legal examination
  • Clear separation
  • Documentation
  • Indicated vs. probative value

We will also cover:

  • SANE Qualifications
  • Neurobiology of trauma
  • Exam considerations
  • The Issue of Consent
  • Ano-genital Injury, other injuries, non-fatal strangulation
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Evidence Collection Techniques
  • Peer review and quality assurance
  • Suspect exams