Medical records can be intimidating and tedious for any criminal attorney or investigator to review, especially when it comes to possible child abuse. This presentation will include an overview of the various types of child maltreatment, as well as other medical conditions that mimic abuse. Key areas on the body that are highly indicative of abuse and discrepancies to look for will be discussed, as things that you should consider when looking at the medical records. To make this presentation relevant and interesting there will be multiple case studies


  • Neglect: Types & Symptoms
  • Physical Abuse: Non-Accidental Trauma identification and common patterns
  • Emotional Abuse: Symptoms
  • Sexual Abuse: Symptoms
  • Maltreatment: Injuries and Mimics
  • Cultural Considerations

Upon completion of the presentation, the attendee will:

  1. Be able to recognize common areas of the body that are highly suspicious for child abuse.
  2. Know the different types of child maltreatment.
  3. Identify children at a higher risk for abuse.
  4. Recognize markings that are common with cultural healing practices.

“Great brief overview of the elements of child maltreatment!”

– Jennifer

“Excellent. A lot of good information.”

– Margarita