Human performance, when it comes to driving or operating any vehicle, is important in assuring the safety of individuals. When it comes to determining impairment, there are many things to consider. This webinar will give the participant a better understanding of the test involved in determining impairment, the classes of drug that are evaluated in the test and the analysis of the biological evidence.

Highlights / Agenda

  • History of SFSTs
  • Standard Field Sobriety test: in-depth look
  • Drugs and Driving-Drug Evaluation and Classification Program (DEC)
  • Drug Recognition Expert (DRE)
  • Drug classes involved with DRE testing
  • Analysis of biological evidence in the lab
  • Questions to ask concerning analysis


Upon completion of this course, the attendee will:

1. Understand the ins and outs of field sobriety testing.
2. Understand the DEC program
3. Be familiar with the scope and limitations of a DRE.
4. Be familiar with the drug classes tested by a DRE.
5. Have a basic understanding of lab analysis related to DUI/toxicology.