This presentation explores not only the different categories of child maltreatment but covers what the forensic nurse looks at when reviewing a medical record. This includes predisposing factors along with the “red flags” that can influence the case. It will cover laboratory and radiology studies that influence our decision making. We will take a deeper dive into the conditions and cultural practices that mimic child maltreatment. Lastly, we will  put it all together with a case study. The purpose of this presentation is to assist attorneys and investigators with a better understanding of child maltreatment along with a new ability to understand what the forensic nurse does when deciphering the medical record.

Highlights / Agenda

  1. Child maltreatment categories
  2. Statistics
  3. Reviewing the chart
  4. Collaboration with diagnostics
  5. Mimics
  6. Putting it all together


Upon completion of this course, the attendee will:

  1. Understand and differentiate the different types of child maltreatment
  2. Verbalize different factors and assessment findings that correlate with child maltreatment
  3. Be aware of the mimics of child maltreatment