This is a 60-minute presentation that reviews bruising as a medical condition and the use of Alternate Light Source photography and technology to improve injury assessment. A summary of current evidence-based research into ALS photography and its current validity and testimonial value will be discussed. The incorporation of ALS into a forensic exam may eventually assist with evidentiary support for victims and allow a more equitable forensic standard of practice that benefits diverse patient populations.

Highlights / Agenda

  • Science associated with Alternate Light Source photography
  • Bruising as well as timing and dating of injuries
  • Mimics and false positives/negatives associated with the ALS use
  • Goals for future ALS research
  • Goals for knowledgeable medical experts related to bruising and ALS testimony
  • Case studies and sample cross exam questions for opposing expert witness related to ALS


Upon completion of this course, the attendee will:

  1. Be familiar with the science and current research on ALS photography
  2. Be familiar with the testimonial value of ALS photography in today’s legal
  3. Be aware of the alternate causation of positive results when using ALS in a
    forensic exam
  4. Understand what is needed for ALS photography to be considered valid,
    specific, and sensitive with evidentiary value