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Conservative management of concussions is standard practice. Physical and cognitive rest is recommended for at least 24 hours pending cessation of symptoms. Gradual return to work, school, and physical activity is also endorsed. For a person with prolonged symptoms, reevaluation and treatment may be beneficial. (Evans, Concussion and mild traumatic brain injury, 2013)

Admission to the hospital is recommended if a person is at risk for immediate complications from the injury, as indicated by a decrease in cognitive function, an abnormal CT scan, a history of seizures, and a person at risk for bleeding. Admission should be considered if there is no responsible person to monitor the patient at home for signs of progression of symptoms. Observation outside of the hospital may be allowed for a person whose neurologic condition is unlikely to decline.

If properly managed, the prognosis for complete recovery from a concussion is good. The time it takes to recover varies with each individual and depends on the severity of the brain damage. Recovery can occur within a few hours to several months after the injury.

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