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Every year in December I send out a company update to give everyone an idea of where we’ve come from; how much we’ve grown in the past year; and what exciting changes are coming in the year to come. It also gives me an opportunity to remind our clients of what services we are providing and how we might better assist you in your case development. Finally, and most importantly, it gives me the opportunity to thank the clients who have supported us consistently for what is now almost 6 years of business.

Working in Criminal Law can be difficult because cases where a medical review is needed comes sporadically to each individual attorney. It is critical that we maintain an ongoing relationship with our attorney-clients so they call us even if it’s been several months since they needed a medical expert.

In 2009 we started with 2 attorneys and by 2010 we had 16 clients; half of which were referrals or additional work from the original 2 attorneys. As of today, we have worked with approximately 350 individual attorneys and each year the list grows.  

I have compiled a list of people who have used our services consistently throughout the years. First, I’d like to thank the three organizations that started with us early on and stuck with us for the years that followed:

  • San Mateo Private Defender Panel (since 2009 – 6 years!)
  • San Francisco Public Defender’s Office (5 years)
  • Lassen County Public Defender’s Office (5 years)

In addition, we have had ongoing relationships with the following clients or organizations for 3-4 years and they have consistent returned to us for assistance and guidance on their cases.

California Counties:

  • Alameda County Public Defender’s Office
  • El Dorado County Public Defender’s Office
  • Monterey County Public Defender’s Office
  • Orange County Public Defender’s Office
  • Sacramento County Public Defender’s Office
  • San Joaquin County Public Defender’s Office
  • Solano County Public Defender’s Office

Other States

  • Colorado State Public Defender’s Office
  • Florida’s 9th Judicial Circuit -Orlando Public Defender’s Office
  • Florida’s 11th Judicial Circuit -Miami Public Defender’s Office
  • Florida’s 13th Judicial Circuit -Tampa Public Defender’s Office
  • Florida’s 20th Judicial Circuit –Ft. Myers Public Defender’s Office
  • Orleans Public Defender, Louisiana

 Private Attorneys (Criminal and Civil)

  • Miguel Hernandez, Monterey County, CA
  • Johnson & Johnson, Contra Costa County, CA
  • Jonah Chew, San Francisco County, CA
  • Tom Medrano, Los Angeles County, CA
  • Wilbur Smith Law Firm, Lee County, FL
  • Carney, Gillespie & Isitt, King County, WA

We honestly could not have done it without your support. Thank you again!

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  • Where We Are (12/5/14)
  • Who We Are  (12/12/14)
  • Who Helped Us (12/19/14)
  • What’s coming in 2015 (12/30/14)

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