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Blunt Force Trauma (Internal) – What happens on the inside

Tara M Godoy, BSN RN CFN LNC
Cost: travel expenses appreciated


Blunt force trauma can cause significant injuries to the internal organs and tissues. The attendee will leave this presentation with an understanding of what kind of injuries can be sustained and the prognosis and complications of each. Case studies and emergency department stories make this a fun presentation to attend!


  1. Introduction
  2. Head Injuries
    • Including fractures, intracranial hemorrhaging and coup/contre-coup
  3. Facial Injuries
    • Including fractures, orbital blowout, oral injuries
  4. Chest
    • Including fractures, collapsed lungs
  5. Abdomen
    • Including liver and spleen lacerations, intestinal perforation
  6. Pelvic/Lower Extremity
    • Including fractures and compartment syndrome