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Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t you work with the prosecution on criminal cases?

The prosecution doesn’t often hire experts; they rely on the treating physicians and nurses to testify on the behalf of the state. Explanations of the medical records comes through that same channel or through the medical examiner. The defense has the same options but often want someone to look at it from an outside perspective. Our experts have testified for both the prosecution and the defense and are happy to take any case in which our services are needed.

Why would I hire a nurse, why not just go straight to a physician?

Physicians are expensive, and they are also unnecessary in many cases. Nurses can consult on any medical case and give you the answers you need without emptying your bank account. A report from a nurse is often enough for settlement before trial. Nurses also tend to have better “jury appeal” than most doctors, as their education and background includes educating patients on medical conditions: Nurses are good at explaining medical conditions to non-medical people.

Are you available to consult with me? I’m not in California.

Of course! We have clients nationwide and are growing rapidly. We have nurses in CA, FL and MD and will be adding more in the coming years. We are happy to work with anyone in any state – give us a call!