Krista Bilke

Case Intake Manager

Krista is our Case Intake Manager at Godoy Medical Forensics! You will find Krista handling all things regarding new cases like intake emails, sending estimates, and pairing you with the perfect expert for your case. Whatever you need to get your case started, she’s the go to person!

Krista has always been passionate about criminal behavior and forensics, so she found the perfect place to apply them at Godoy Medical Forensics. One thing that stood out to her about Godoy Medical Forensics was how it combined criminal behavior and law. Krista is currently studying Biobehavioral Health at Penn State where she is learning about the ins and outs of the brain and human behavior. Outside of work, Krista loves to travel the world. Exploring different cultures, countries, and cuisines is her favorite! Krista is also our resident foodie and wine extraordinaire who always brings the best food to the office.

Fun Fact: As you can tell by the last names, Kaycee and Krista are our dynamic sister duo!