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Child Abuse Expert Witness and Case Analysis Services

Child Abuse – Abusive Head Trauma

Abusive Head Trauma is one of our areas of expertise. We generally have at least one of these cases going through our office on any given day.  Non-accidental trauma cases involving retinal hemorrhages, intracranial bleeding and edema are complex and involve several specialty areas of medicine. Having us review it first gives the attorney a quick pre-read of the medical records and helps them determine what kinds of experts they may need. We will assess for mimics, determine the timeline of injury, and provide opinions about causation.

Child Abuse – General

Bruises and breaks are the common thread in these cases. Our nurses will review the case for medical causes such as rickets (vitamin D deficiency that weakens bones), Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Brittle bone disease) and coagulapathies (blood disorders). We will also assess the injuries to analyze timeline. If medical abuse or Munchausen’s by Proxy is suspected, we can help assess the medical conditions of the child to analyze what is true or fictitious. You will be ready for trial with the right types of child abuse experts and a strong knowledge of the medical components of your case.

Child Neglect and Failure to Thrive 

These are complex cases as well. Usually they come with medical conditions that make it difficult to determine the reason for the lack of weight gain and growth. There are also congenital conditions that may not have been ruled out effectively. Knowing the cause of the patients failure to thrive or wasting is essential for an effective case development. We can help you sort through the records and find the right child abuse expert witnesses for defense or prosecution testimony.