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We have worked on these types of criminal cases.

Attempted Murder/Assault

In attempted murder, assault  and domestic violence cases, the focus is often on Great Bodily Injury or Significant Bodily Injury enhancements. Our experts will review the injuries in the case to first ensure that they were caused the way the allegations state and also help the attorney assess the severity of injury, the required treatments and any expected complications. Photographs may be used to differentiate sharp trauma from blunt force trauma; help with the identification of patterned injuries; and clarify the timeline of injury. Our reports will provide opinions on causation and/or mechanism.

Domestic Violence/Strangulation

Our experts in strangulation and blunt force trauma offer testimony that is focused on educating the court on what the physical signs of strangulation are or could be, and what symptoms indicate hypoxia (low blood oxygen). The risk of lethality in strangulation cases is related to the level of hypoxia that was reached. Identifying what can be subtle symptoms of hypoxia in these cases can be critical.