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Strangulation: Evaluating Strangulation Evidence from a Medical Perspective

In approximately 50% of strangulation/suffocation cases, there is no visible sign of injury; in an additional 35% of cases the injuries are too minor to photograph. This attorney CLE course is designed to educate attorneys and investigators on what to look for when evaluating strangulation evidence; if it occurred and the risk of lethality. Anatomy, vocabulary, statistics, mechanism, petechiae, and signs and symptoms are all reviewed. A strangulation evidence case study is reviewed when time permits.


  • Anatomy/Physiology (10-15 mins)
  • Statistics (5 mins)
  • Mechanisms (5-10 mins)
  • Hypoxia/lethality (15-20 mins)
  • Petechiae (10-15 mins)
  • Autopsy Findings (10-15 mins)
  • Case Study (5-10 mins)

Upon Completion of this course, the attendee will:

  1. Understand the anatomy and pathophysiology behind strangulation assaults
  2. Understand the risk of lethality from strangulation assaults
  3. Understand the significance of petechial hemorrhages
  4. Understand hypoxia and the signs and symptoms related to hypoxia
  5. CLE credit available

“I attended today’s Strangulation webinar, and after the webinar immediately signed up for the Blunt Force Trauma training. I emailed this feedback to the investigation unit in my division and I think it summarizes my feedback well: “I attended Tara Godoy’s Strangulation webinar today and it was fantastic! Very interesting, informative, and not to mention entertaining with music and audience participation.” I also provided the link to your training calendar. I also appreciated the case examples and real-world examples. Being empowered with the information you shared provides another tool of analysis for these injustices. Ultimately, the training only left me wanting to learn more information, not because I felt like there were gaps in the information, but rather, because the way you presented the information was so interesting. My only feedback would be to possibly have an extended version of this training that delves in to some of these topics and processes more deeply, but in terms of what you could convey in just over an hour it was incredible! Thank you!”
– Karl