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Benefits of a Fact Chronology

Benefits of our fact chronologies:

1. Reduces risk of missing vital information. Most experts do not read every page of voluminous records: We do.

2. Expedites expert review – our reports are type-written and organized in chronological order so the expert can review them much faster than the unorganized handwritten medical records. The cost savings is exponential!

3. Issues are isolated – The facts relating to each issue are organized in a separate chronology. This makes the expert review more efficient as well as pointing out issues that may have otherwise been missed.

4. It includes Medical Record Organization and keyword searchable documents – The expert has a full copy of the medical records that are organized in such a fashion that he/she can go directly to the record they are seeking. This avoids unnecessary billable hours of time spent looking for a single lab result or radiology report.

5. Attorney Trial Development tool – a separate copy of the fact chronology is provided to the attorney with nursing comments, opinions and summaries. The expert copy has only medical facts from the records.