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Services and Fees

Our rates for nursing review and consultation are available here (PDF).

Most of our clients have us perform an Initial Analysis or a Merit Screen as a first look at the records when case records are first received. These reports are intended to be a cost-effective method for the attorney to be introduced to the issues in the case based on medical documents received at that stage; and as a guide to assist the attorney in deciding where to follow up and expend resources as the case progresses. Once the brief review is complete, any remaining records are then requested and a fact chronology is then prepared for expert review.

Initial Analysis/Merit Screen

Sample reports: click for a criminal report or civil report.

The purpose of our basic report is to provide a brief review of the medical records for the purposes of identifying the main issues or the breaches in the standard of care, determine if there are any missing records, and assist the attorney in deciding the direction of case development. If a comprehensive report is desired, please see “Fact Chronology” below.

The report is structured to include a case overview, an injury or condition list, and a summary of opinions. Civil cases also has damages and other defendants to be named as appropriate.

On cases where the nurse isn’t testifying, we will also include an optional “Notes and Impressions” report, which includes anticipated opposing counsel arguments. In this second report, we answer specific questions from the attorney that were not covered in the main report, make recommendations for testifying experts, and list missing records.

Medical Record Organization

The process of Medical Record Organization includes digitizing and sorting the records into classifications (i.e. Doctor’s Progress Notes, Labs, Radiology) and then placing them into chronological order under each classification. The records will then be bookmarked for quick reference and bate stamped (page numbered) in preparation for a Fact Chronology. In cases with high volumes of records, this is an essential service to save money on costly expert review.

Fact Chronology

The Fact Chronology is a comprehensive analysis performed by a Registered Nurse. The nurse will identify which portions of the records are pertinent to the case and the records are then entered into Lexis-Nexis CaseMap Software. Two copies of the chronology are created: One that is not discoverable and is designed for the attorney as a case development and trial tool. It includes comments, summaries and opinions from the nurse, so it is just like having a  nurse in your pocket at trial. The second is discoverable and is designed for the expert. It excludes our opinions and summaries, but lists the issues so the expert can quickly identify areas for review.

The two main benefits are cost-savings and ensuring the experts sees every pertinent fact; but there are several others, which you can read here. 

The chronology contains the following sections:

  • A full fact chronology that includes all the records pertinent to the case
  • A partial fact chronology that separates records by issue or expert, and is customizable to the needs of the client and case.
  • Medication list – a list of medications the patient was on and their indications, side effects and any other pertinent information (when appropriate).
  • Glossary – a list of medical terminology or abbreviations found within the case
  • Works Cited – Bibliographical reference to appropriate scientific literature and resources, with notes from the nurse that indicates the relevance of the citation, and a link to full-text articles.

Other Services

Expert Testimony

We have both nurses and physicians who can testify depending on the needs of the case. Click here to find out more about them.

Expert Witness Services

If we do not have a physician or nurse within our organization that is appropriate to testify on your case, we can help you find the right expert.

Trial Support

We offer trial support for immediate access to a medical professional who has an intimate knowledge of the case. The physician or nurse can provide trial questions and assist the attorney in re-routing a line of questioning that is not going the desired direction.

Trial Questions

Just want help writing questions without having someone go with you to court? We can do that too. Our questions are comprehensive and for cross we include sub-questions in case the expert doesn’t answer the way we expect.

Benefits of our fact chronologies:

1. Reduces risk of missing vital information. Most experts do not read every page of voluminous records: We do.

2. Expedites expert review – our reports are type-written and organized in chronological order so the expert can review them much faster than the unorganized handwritten medical records. The cost savings is exponential!

3. Issues are isolated – The facts relating to each issue are organized in a separate chronology. This makes the expert review more efficient as well as pointing out issues that may have otherwise been missed.

4. It includes Medical Record Organization and keyword searchable documents – The expert has a full copy of the medical records that are organized in such a fashion that he/she can go directly to the record they are seeking. This avoids unnecessary billable hours of time spent looking for a single lab result or radiology report.

5. Attorney Trial Development tool – a separate copy of the fact chronology is provided to the attorney with nursing comments, opinions and summaries. The expert copy has only medical facts from the records.