Request for Case Review

Note: By submitting records/discovery, you are authorizing us to review the case and are responsible for payment.

Please note that rush fees may apply if your report needed by date or testimony date is soon. Our fees are posted here. 


  1. Fill out the form
  2. Send discovery through our hightail link. (Prefer dropbox? Please send to Info (at) GodoyMedical.net)
  3. Check your inbox to be sure you got the auto-generated confirmation email that the form was submitted
  4. Within 1 business day you should also receive a human-generated confirmation email with an estimate.

Form is supposed to show up here, sometimes it doesn’t. Follow instructions below.

Having trouble with the form?

Criminal attorneys can download a pdf version here.

Civil attorneys can download this pdf form.

Please save the form to your computer, then fill it out, then send with the discovery through our hightail link.

You can request an estimate for your case using this form. 

Download first, then fill out